Focus on Lauwencia

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Years ago we’ve met that girl in a Gym in Paris, Working Hard, an sick Mood, Focus on her workout!</>

She was so awesome! She was killing legs, so i’ve decided to not disturb her!

She’s really inspired &  She agreed to answer some questions for Ebony Aesthetics!

  • Tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Lauwencia I’m 22 and I practice fitness since 3 years now

I was an national athlete when I was 18-19, I was running the 100m

I’m a Caribbean girl from Guadeloupe and i live in France

  • How many times do you train in a week?

I train 7 times in a week and sometimes 2 times a day, it depend of my form

  • What are your favourite healthy food?

I looooove Shrimps !!

  • What is your best body part?

For sure it’s my legs, I never skip Legs day !

  • what is your favorite body part to train?

I really love to work my legs, in different ways (power, speed, agility…)

  • What is your favorite motivational speech?

« Nobody will do it for you so JUST DO IT and PUSH YOUR LIMITS ! »

  • What keeps you motivated?

I’m my own motivation, my goal it’s to push my limits each day a lil bit more and become better than yesterday !

  • If you could be one athlete or a person for a day, who would it be?

Usain Bolt !! I love his determination and dedication, he worked so hard to get to this level and for me it’s a good exemple of hard worker !

  • Where can you be found if someone wants to connect with you? 

Instagram: ItsLauwencia

Facebook: Lauwencia G

Snapchat: Lauwencia

  • last question , How does it feel like being black in fitness game?

I’m really proud but people always think that black people have all the results by  their genetic but I want to prove that against the genetic you have to work hard everyday and push your limits to achieve your goals !! It’s not funny everyday but nobody will do it f   or you so keep working hard !!


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